Monday, February 21, 2011

Fully functional Garmin GPS on Nokia E71

After being totally lost in Helsinki while using Nokia Maps software trying to connect to the internet every 2 seconds (hand giving my operator to send me an internet bill of 80€ - yes I had downloaded the total map to my unit !) I had decided that Nokia's built-in GPS function was no better than the Google Maps thing. Given up hope.

While I was searching for a separate GPS device on the net, I came across some software called Garmin Mobile XT (GMXT) which is built for Symbian devices. With more dire research, I found out that GMXT actually works on Nokia E71, just like a GPS unit and it doesn't need to connect to the internet all the time to download map info*. Again, browsing through tens of forums, I saw alot of people trying to install the software, but due to lack of technical know-how, they were not succeeding. So I experimented it on my phone and succeeded. 

Luckily, I have noted the method I used step-by-step, which I think it will ease and save alot of time and cash spent on external GPS devices.

What You Get: You give the address you want to go, it directs you to the destination with graphics and VOICE. As Garmin is the best GPS brand, its working pretty correctly. It can also recalculate route, download traffic, emergency info as well as hotels, places of interest etc. Pretty cool ! 

All you need is a Nokia E71 phone with the software installed correctly and some sort of an internet connection (wifi/gprps/3g) for searching the address and coordinates from Garmin's google based site. Dont worry, as it doesnt pull mass data from the net, simple search will cost you only 1-2 kilobytes. When you have coords on the phone, you are set to go.

Although the software is widely used, it seems sa Garmin has stopped selling the Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian, most probably because, no other phone than Nokia uses Symbian and Nokia's popularity in USA is not so much as in Europe and Middle East. Good thing is the software is still available and we'll try to be legal as possible :)

Here is the Method:
   1. Download the Garmin Mobile XT for Symbian S60 3rd Edition software version 5.00.50 from HERE (15.21 Mb)
   2. Download the Garmin Mobile XT Support software version 4.xx.xx HERE (30.20 MB)
   3. Obtain Garmin compatible map files either buy from Garmin website or elsewhere.
   4. As E71's built-in file manager is hopeless. I strongly advise you to install freeware version of X-Plore which is more useful HERE
   5. Download the keygen for the XT HERE (piracy is illegal so use it on your own risk!)
   6. Connect your Nokia E71 to your PC via USB (Storage Mode).
   7. From your PC run the GMXT SETUP software (GarminMobileXTforSymbianS603rdEdition_50050.exe)
   8. Install the software NOT on your PC, but Nokia E71's External Memory just like shown below:

   9.  Once the step 8 is complete, repeat the same procedure to for GMXT Support files which you had downloaded (GarminMobileXTSupportFiles_4xxxx.exe)
  10. After both of the installations are complete, disconnect phone from pc. Launch GMXT. for 1st time, it will prompt for settings of language, units, etc. so, choose your preferred settings, next click on "connect to a Garmin GPS" (if GMXT cant be launched from the application folder, start the X-Plore explorer and try to locate the GarminMobileXT.sis in ur phones memory card (E: root folder), and select execute)

If you have problems while installing it   due to some certificate problem, I suggest you to go to Menu > Installations > App. Manager > Options > Settings. Once there, change the properties for Software Installation to Off and set Online certificate check to Off as well. Then try installing again.

  11.  Next, choose connect to a Garmin GPS: Click Cancel when it prompt searching for gps device.
  12.  On the main menu screen, choose Tools -> Settings -> About > make note of your Card id & close the application.
  13. Since you already have your phone connected to the computer, we might as well unlock the Garmin program to allow the usage of your internal GPS system. What you need is the 8 digits listed at “Unlock ESN” in the about menu that you were supposed to copy down earlier and the Garmin Unlocking program *coughkeygencough*. Do a Google search for “garmin_kgen” or download it from here: (271KB). There should be 2 programs in there with some pictures and a readme file.
  14. Launch either one of the program with the later version and put in your 8 digit code in the box labelled with “Enter your unit ID here” and click on generate. Below it, it will show you your GM XT unlock code. It should be something like “MT67C4QRZ7USYHFMTCKQAB27H”. Copy that and put it on a Notepad first. Save the file as SW.UNL (not .txt) in your Garmin folder on the phone’s memory card. Refer here:
  15.  Once you've created that SW.UNL file, you should then be able to activate your built-in GPS receiver. To enable the use of the built-in GPS, launch GMobile XT and go to Tools > Settings > System > Remote GPS > Select "Use Attached/Built-in GPS" and select Enable. If you can't seem to find the built-in GPS option and can see the Bluetooth GPS enabled instead, disable the Bluetooth GPS first and you'll see the built in GPS option below it. If after doing so you still can't find it, chances are you might have saved the SW.UNL as SW.UNL.TXT instead or the code that you used for the SW.UNL file was incorrect. 
  16. Using the same code as the SW.UNL file, open a new Notepad and paste the same unlock code there again and save it as “GMAPSUPP.UNL”. Remember, don’t save it as .txt. This is to unlock your base map with the name of GMAPSUPP.IMG. For every new WHATEVERMAPNAME.IMG file you have, make sure you do put the create WHATEVERMAPNAME.UNL using the same code as before to ensure you can use it. 
  17. Now lets go to the detailed maps part. You can do a Google search for custom maps and POI as you like for the location that you want. You can either buy it or you may google the torrent such as "Garmin+CityXplorer".If you get the “You are not authorised to download this attachment” message, please do register yourself to this forum and obviously it is free.
  18. Please be sure to create GMAPSUPP.UNL using the unlock code file for the GMAPSUPP.IMG. In case I forgot to mention, all IMG and UNL file for the maps need to be in Memory card > Garmin folder.

19. One last thing: When you run the software for the first time, at the bottom righthand corner it will say "no map". It needs to get a good GPS signal before it will show you the map for the first time. 

I'm sure you can figure out the rest. Its childsplay. Have fun.