Saturday, April 23, 2022

The day I was killed in Finland.

 My heart attack story:


I could not sleep last night due to the pain. For some reason the pain increased in every position. I could not find a good resting position in bed all night and I was awake nearly all night. In the morning my ex-wife picked up my older son, whilst the little one stayed with me. The pain in the shoulder joint started increasing and it was constant, unlike before. Before it used to come in attacks and it would go away after couple of minutes of resting…

I had already taken Burana Retard but it didn’t help. Although I didn’t want to, I took the XYZ (the one which makes me sleepy) medicine and started to wait for it to react. Over the last couple of weeks I was prescribed so much medication that I lost count of their names. But I of course did not take them all and followed the doctor's instructions.

But the pain continued to worsen. Then I started shivering and shedding cold sweats. I realized this was the time to call the ambulance.

After the ambulance I called my ex-wife to come and pick up my smaller son. In the meanwhile the ambulance arrived.

I was already in some kind of shock. I was cold sweating and my body was shaking beyond my control.

The ambulance team consisted of 3x men aged in their early 20’s. They looked more panicked than me. Without wiping the sweat off me they tried to stick on the nodes of the ECG device but failed miserably as my body was so wet that the node stickers kept on falling off.

Eventually they somehow managed to take the ECG reading and told me clearly that “you are not having a heart attack”.

I replied “look, I didn’t call you here because I am having a heart attack, I called you here because there is a terrible pain in my right shoulder that the pain is radiating / expanding all the way to my upper spine. Perhaps you can do some kind of a painkiller injection or something ?”

One of them replied to me, “We cannot do that, we can only take you to the hospital’s emergency service”.

I accepted and so they let me walk downstairs and board the ambulance, whilst my ex picked up my son. I only had a sleeping trousers and bare on top...and an autumn jacket on me...and shoes.

I wanted to lay down in the ambulance, but they didn’t let me. Instead they made me sit upright position and the pain was very much because it was a bumpy ride.

Apparently, (I do not remember) whilst in the ambulance, I had sent a photo of me to my ex girlfriend.

The ambulance arrived to Malmi Hospital about 10 minutes later. They offloaded me, and left me in the Emergency waiting room (non-critical patient’s queue) and left.

At the point I was in so much pain that I wanted to lay down somewhere but there was no one in the hallways except another patient, which was telling me to shut up ! Yes, I was dieing in pain and the man was telling me to shut up! Yes, he was Finnish.

Behind the place I was sitting, there was a glass wall and a nurse sitting behind it. Because of my pain and desperation. I could not help but scream in pain. I kept on knocking on the window for help “HELP!" I shouted….but the person didn’t even turn and look! Few health personelle was walking around the hall but none of them turned around and looked. Like I didn't exist to them!

Couple of minutes later the door in front of me opened and a woman called my name. I remember standing up. That is the last thing I remember until 21.03.2022, few glimpses about whats going on. I regained my conscience fully on 22.03.2022. In the meanwhile, somebody had told me that I had a heart attack!!! But I was heavily sedated that I could not react much. 

After 21.03.2022 everything started becoming clearer slowly, but I felt like hit by a car or something as all my chest, neck and head was weird. In the following days, several doctor’s visited me. They explained what happened. How it happened. I was shocked (emotionally) and I found myself in a “panic state”.

I never had panic attacks before but it all just didn’t make sense to me. I mean, recently I had visited doctors several times, did ECG and many blood tests several times and all had cleared the heart factor and they told me that my shoulder pain is arising from a mild bursitis on my shoulder. They even did MR scan and gave me medication as well as a cortisone injection in my shoulder joint (17.03.2022) and told me that the cortisone will start working after 3 days or so. Of course when I woke up on 22.03.2022 I felt no shoulder pain anymore. But my neck and the back of my head was I could not feel anything.

When they realized that I could not sleep, due to the anxiety, they prescribed me Opamox, some med to help me sleep.

I will continue to write some details. 

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