Friday, April 14, 2017

For the crowd that is desparately seeking HP's Win7 OA Installation Package.

Yes, you are at the correct address. It has been years since the days of Windows 7 and in those days PC manufacturers had started to bundle Windows 7 OA versions without supplying the customers with rescue media but installing a recovery partition on their machines instead, so that incase of a system crash the user could enter the rescue partition with pressing a function key at the boot, and reinstall their operating system. 

But what manufacturers forgot to foresee (or decided not to see) is that HDDs' lifespan is not more that 5 years but Windows 7 has been around more than 7 years. These days, most HDDs or OS's have crashed and have been replaced by SSD's or other HDDs.

In such cases users first google for ISO images of the installation media on the internet but usually fall short as manufacturers do (or did not) did now supply customers with links to download the ISO files ; in some cases sold the installation media for near costs of the licence. 

I admit I love to keep junk from the past and in some cases it's useful too. For example while emptying my storage unit I ran into an old retail case of an old HP Probook which had been used for storage of my old CD's etc. Unlike standard consumer laptops HP's Probook models in those days came with recovery DVD's and driver media. Of course they are outdated today and has no copyright significance. 

NOTE: It is not illegal to share the recovery media as they are unusable without supplying a legal license code that is written on your hardware! But it is illegal to share your license information with others and I will not share such information with anyone whatsover. These links are not hosted by myself I am only providing them as is. The owner has placed them in RAR files (no password protection). Also please note that these images are for HP laptops with Windows 7 installed. It may not work with other versions.

So here are the links: