Tuesday, January 31, 2017

When you cannot connect to you WD My Cloud over your network

When WD My Cloud cannot be accessed over the LAN in Windows 10

Solution 1 – Add My Cloud to the list of credentials
1.   Open Control Panel and go to the Credential Manager.
2.   Next choose Windows credentials and click on Add a Windows credential.
3.   In the Internet address field enter the name of your My Cloud device.
4.   In the Username field enter the username that you use to access My Cloud.
5.   In the Password field enter your password.
6.   After you’ve saved your changes restart your computer and try accessing My Cloud again.

We have to mention that some users advise not to use PIN, so instead of using PIN make sure that you use your username and password.

Solution 2 – Modify the Registry

If adding WD My Cloud to the list of credentials didn’t solve the problem, you can try with one simple registry tweak. To perform this registry workaround, follow these steps:

Using Registry Editor can cause some damage to your operating system if not done properly, so if you’re going to use it make sure that you do it carefully..   

1. Open Registry Editor. You can open it by pressing Windows Key + R and typing regedit.
2.   When the Registry Editor opens navigate to:


3.   Next, on the right side you need to create a new DWORD called 


4.   Edit the AllowInsecureGuestAuth DWORD you’ve just created and set its new from 0 to 1.
5.   Close Registry Editor and restart network (turning off and turning it back on from adapter settings does the trick)

Solution 3 – Change Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) settings

If your shares don’t show up like they did on Windows 7, you might want to try the following steps:

1.   Open Control Panel. You can open it by pressing Windows Key + X and choosing Control Panel from the menu.
2.   In Control Panel go to Network and Sharing Center.
3.   In Network and Sharing Center go to Adapter Settings.
4.   Find the adapter that you’re currently using, right click it and choose Properties.
5.   Select Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click Properties.
6.   When Properties window opens go to Advanced > WINS.
7.   Click on Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP and click OK to save your settings.

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