Friday, November 16, 2018

Windows Explorer Tabs

Though I don't make many Windows posts these days, this is a feature many Win10 users were actually waiting for. Tabs in Windows Explorer. 

As Microsoft had announced that "tabbed Explorer" was to arrive with the October 2018 update "Redstone 5" , apparently it was vetoed by some and have been decided to be placed in some later build. (Most probably it's a PR thing). 

Well, like if Ms updates are the only solution out there, there are several coders who create productive alternatives. 

CLOVER3. Written by a Chinese coder ; yeah, I know you automatically think ! But not every Chinese coder is a hacker. Code is clean and it's freeware. It does not install weird stuff onto your machine. (PS. Avira tends to report it as a false-positive, but all others are pretty clear). 

Clover 3 has been created by Chinese programmers, so the website may confuse you and it won’t offer much in terms of information (unless you can read Chinese). No worries, app does function in several languages including English.

However, the download link is prominent, so it shouldn’t be troublesome. 

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